Winter Storm February 2021 “Flexible Hours” Schedule

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Vintage Toy Mall

Due to the forecasted winter storm lasting from Feb 12-18 we are adopting “flexible hours” so we can determine road safety as the storm progresses. Stay safe!

You can call to see if we are there, but we’ll only answer during business hours so keep that in mind if you call early. 918-919-TOYS

We will post the hours daily here, so be sure to check daily to see if we’re open.

2/11 – Broken Arrow – Open 2pm to 5pm
2/11 – Jenks – Open 1pm to 7pm

2/12 – Broken Arrow – Open 1pm to 7pm
2/12 – Jenks – Open 1pm to 7pm

2/13 (Saturday) – Broken Arrow – 11am to 7pm
2/13 – Jenks – 11am to 7pm

2/14 (Sunday) – Broken Arrow – 1pm to 5pm
2/14 – Jenks – 1pm to 5pm

2/15 Monday Closed both locations. Stay Safe everyone!

2/16 Tuesday Closed both locations. Bundle up!

2/17 Wednesday – Closed both locations. Main roads are ok but neighborhood streets are fluffy and white, it’s hard to get traction so be safe everyone!

2/18 Thursday – Jenks OPEN 1pm to 7pm
2/18 Thursday – Broken Arrow CLOSED

2/19 Friday – Both locations Open!

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