VTM Store #2: Wichita, KS!

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(Updated 5/24/2019)

Hey Vintage Toy Mall fans!  Big announcement, we’re working on Store #2 in Wichita Kansas.  We’ve got a few locations narrowed down and are undergoing negotiations on these places to try to get the store on a similar budget to our BA store.

What we are needing:

Currently we’re taking apps/resume’s for new employees in the Wichita area.  We need 2 reliable, nerdy, knowledgeable, eager, and fun people to join our team.  Training should only take a few weeks.

We’re also taking vendor apps for people wanting booth space out at the new Vintage Toy Mall Wichita.

Until negotiations on overheads are finalized we really don’t know what our booth spaces will cost yet.  We will follow the same “break-even model” at our Broken Arrow store which is taking all store overheads and dividing them equally between the booth spaces.  This ensures the lowest possible cost for vendors but lets us still keep the doors open.

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