“Virtual Shopper” Live Stream Information

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During our temporary business closure (See Announcement! Store Closing Temporarily due to COVID-19 Pandemic) we are offering a Virtual Shopping experience to our Facebook followers.

It’s just Facebook for now, as it seems to be the easiest way for us to offer you a live stream format that’s widely followed.  We apologize to our Non-Facebook followers.  But you can definitely email us at with requests or questions and we’ll try to accommodate!  That said… we are listing LOTS of good stuff on our website based on feedback from our live streams.  So even if you can’t participate, you’ll still see the new items on our Shop page.


WHEN:  Daily at 2pm CST*

*Note:  Even though we stream live, we still save our videos so they can be watched later.  Even if you miss the live broadcast, you can still pull up the video afterwards and see what we have.

HOW:  See something you want?  Simply let us know!  If it’s a packaged figure it’s pretty easy for us to find in a sea of toys, but if it’s a loose figure it may be harder for us to spot after the video is over.  To help us find your request, try to take a Screen Shot of the item in the video.  Sometimes we go pretty fast so it’s tough to capture, but we’ll do our best!  We will take requests and list them on this website ( for you to complete checkout.  We take all major Credit Cards as well as PayPal on the website.

WHO:  Anyone can participate and purchase.  We ship global and we also provide Local Pickup.**

**Note:  Even though we are CLOSED we are still working behind locked doors, and we are there 7 days a week still to process your online requests and offer Local Pickup.  To arrange Curbside Delivery/Local Pickup message us on our Facebook page OR call us at (918) 919-8697 (TOYS).

Why we use our Website for sales:  Some have asked why we process all transactions through the website and not just direct sales through PayPal and Private Messages.  Since our store has multiple vendors (booth rentals) then using the website helps us track which vendor gets credit for that sale.  The website also alerts the individual vendors when they get a sale and they can track sales on the website as they are made.  Plus it also gives buyers record keeping as well, when you create an account and purchase (not as a Guest) then you can see order history and track your packages.

How to Pickup:  We have 2 physical locations, but we are primarily streaming from our Broken Arrow Oklahoma location (because there are more vendors there).  Our address for local pickup is:

Vintage Toy Mall
530 S Elm Place
Broken Arrow, OK 74012


Live Stream Schedule

3/25/2020:  Litta-bita-everythang!

3/26/2020:  All things GI JOE!

3/27/2020:  All things TRANSFORMERS!

3/28/2020:  All things MARVEL!

3/29/2020:  Tail end of Marvel, then All things POWER RANGERS!

3/30/2020:  All things DC!

3/31/2020:  DC Continued!

4/1/2020:  Anime & Robots!

4/2/2020:  Booth Feature – KF

4/3/2020:  Funko Pops P1!

4/4/2020:  Funko Pops P2!

4/6/2020:  All things Wrestling!

4/7/2020:  All things Star Wars!

4/8/2020:  More things Star Wars!

4/9/2020: All Things Star Wars Continued! and Masters of the Universe!

4/10/2020: No video today!

4/11/2020: Masters of the Universe Continued and some VC Booth Love!

4/12/2020: No video Today!

4/13/2020: End of Masters of the Universe and Start of Jurassic Park!

4/14/2020: Video Games!

4/15/2020: Misc/Robotech

4/16/2020: Booth Love Geekier Things !

4/17/2020: Booth Love All Ages Comics!

4/18/2020: Horror and Neca!

4/20/2020: All Things TMNT!

4/21/2020: All Things TMNT Continued!

4/22/2020: All Things T Shirts!

4/23/2020: All Things Stuff Marketed for Girls!

4/24/2020: Booth Love E&E!

4/25/2020: Booth Love 112!

4/27/2020: Booth Love CG 1 of 5

4/28/2020: Booth love CG 2 of 5

4/29/2020: Booth Love CG 3 of 5

4/30/2020: Booth Love CG 4 of 5

5/1/2020: Booth Love CG 5 of 5

5/2/2020: Booth Love ET!


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