Calling you out, Kevin Nash. Vintage Toy Mall gets “F*ck You of the Week” on Nash Podcast

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For those wanting the full story and context of this post, please check out the thread where we call out Kevin Nash here:



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For those of you not on Facebook, here’s a copy of the post:

A special note for Kevin Nash from the owner of Vintage Toy Mall.
Hello, I’m Rasoul and you haven’t spoken to me yet about our event, or anyone else at our company for that matter. Your last Twitter post about us makes me think that you’re under the impression that we have. So I wanted to get that out there first, no, you have not.
Our event was amazing! Most attendees pointed out that Jimmy Hart was a better guest than you would have been and I agree. He even jumped in the wrestling ring to make announcements for us, made a few promo videos for us, then after the event shot a commercial for us to use later. Extremely nice dude, and life of the party. He approached us after hearing about your cancelation and it could not have worked out better.
Between Jimmy Hart being awesome, and Mick Foley coming to our store and completely living up to the name Mr Nice Guy I think we’ve been spoiled by great wrestling guests… and then there’s you.
The promoter of our event that you were speaking to that handled booking for us doesn’t know I’m posting this, nor am I posting on his behalf. I realize you are a man without shame, because only one who is shameless would ever shoot the messenger, and that’s exactly what you were doing. Over and over again. Big man, to shoot the messenger. You talked down to him, called him an idiot for things that were beyond his control.
A little summary for people that aren’t aware of what happenend. We were given very specific details on what flight Nash wanted, and were told “no bulkhead seating”. A bulkhead seat is a seat with no seat in front of them. Facing a wall. After getting very specific instructions from him, we booked the flight he picked and picked seats based on the information we were given. No mention of aisle or window seat preference. Not once did he mention wanting First Class seating, he simply wanted us to read his mind and know that “no bulkhead seating” means “first class” despite the fact that first class also has bulkhead seats. Several weeks after the flight was booked (not immediately) that’s when he decides that we’re “embarrassing” and if we had “any intelligence at all” and other names called that was shared with me via screenshot, that we would have known he wanted first class. Which is ironic because anyone with “any intelligence at all” knows that first class row “A” is a bulkhead seat. #kevinnashwordoftheday And first class seating has nothing to do with bulkhead seating and vice versa. No mention of aisle seat preference or not, we picked seats that had a row of seats skipped in front of you where available at the emergency exits for max leg room.
If you want first class, just say you want first class. Man up and cut the BS excuses, seriously. You were extremely specific with everything else, if it was really that important to you then say something first, or don’t wait almost a month to notice then say something, at least let us fix the “mistake” and at the very least, don’t shoot the messenger.
When the promoter said Nash was canceling without even giving us a chance to fix it, my reaction was “everyone has bad days, let’s just fix it and upgrade the flight and then see what his mood is like in a few days after we fix it” so that’s what we did. But of course when we were attempting to fix it that’s when Nash texted about the “disaster area” excuse and after that I was just like, well F that guy. The timing of that excuse, regardless of any damage that incurred in his area the weeks previous or not, he has lost all credibility. It would be different if he opened with that reason, when the storm was actually happening. He just doesn’t want to come and it has nothing to do with the seats or the “disaster area” so yeah, F that guy. You remind me of a guy that wants to break up with a girl but is too cowardly to do it so he’s just horrible to her hoping she breaks up with him first, but then we she does everything to fix the relationship you break up anyway and say it’s because you don’t like her cat, or it’s raining 2 hours away kind of thing. And this is why I don’t respect you.
Yes, I deliberately worded our Kevin Nash cancelation post the way I did. It was easier to quote your text message directly and let people decide for themselves that you’re blowing smoke than to reword it to say “he said he can’t come because it’s raining 2 hours from the 83 and sunny forecast he’s currently in despite any short term power outage issues being resolved weeks ago”. They say the bigger the ego, the more fragile it is, so it’s no surprise that when it was confirmed that we were “casting shade” on you in our post, you decided to take to your own Twitter page and this morning’s podcast to attempt to defend your decision amongst your peers of fans that made for an easy crowd to take your side on the matter. Unfortunately for you, it proved that I was justified in “casting shade” on your BS reason because nothing about your post had anything to do about the “disaster area” you claimed to be in. I would say I’m flattered for being called out on your Twitter page and podcast but flattery would imply some sort of admiration, which is definitely not the case. I’m more embarrassed for you really.
Since the topic has been made public, we’ve been overwhelmed with comments and private messages with people saying you’ve done this before to them, and canceling appearances is a “new normal” for Kevin Nash. You told us you’d do a promo video and then a few weeks later said you don’t do videos because they’re “carny” – I assume you mean corny. #kevinnashwordoftheday But you still said “ok” to the initial request. Sure, that’s a small thing but between the messages from others, the screenshots of the messages between you and our promoter, and your very own Twitter account and podcast where claims were simply untrue, it’s abundantly clear that Kevin Nash has no integrity. The word of Kevin Nash is completely worthless. Growing up learning that a man is only as good as his word, well, Kevin you are not a man.
I’m calling you out. It’s possible you’ve never been called out before in real life, no idea. This isn’t wrestling and there’s no place in the real world for heels. We’re a bunch of nerds. 80s and 90s Era nerds before it was considered mainstream to be a nerd. Which means we’re accustomed to 90s era bullies, and that’s exactly what you are. You’re just a bully. And unlike the 90s, people like myself are standing up to Nasholes like you and calling you out. You talked down to my friend and I’m sticking up for him. The irony is, someone with the writing and grammar skills of a 5th grader (you, Kevin, just so we’re clear) was insulting his intellect, especially since it was your lack of detail that caused the mess in the first place. It’s especially ironic since you don’t appear to know what a bulkhead is, and that was your exact criticism on him. You referred to me as “toy boy” in your Twitter post, thinking that it’s some clever dig at me or that I’m somehow beneath you (which fits a common theme from other conversations) but it’s quite the opposite. Using “toy boy” in a pejorative context alienates a mass audience of collectors that have supported you. How many Super Shredder figures have you autographed? Is that really the target fan base you wish to target with your negative connotation? I don’t know if you’re insecure with your own intellect, struggling to find relevance in life after retirement, or just a self righteous jerk, honestly the speculation list can go on and on and I don’t care enough to know what the answer is. It baffles me how many people told me “well yeah, Kevin Nash is an asshole” like surprised that I didn’t know this fact and was treating it like it’s completely normal and I should have already known this “as a matter of fact” type of thing. I suppose even Amber Heard still has fans.
I’ve met you before, that’s me on the right in the pic with you. I’m a former fan of yours and I know you lost a lot of fans in Oklahoma this weekend.
I can prove everything I’m saying in this post with screenshots, where there’s no mention of aisle seating or first class. Also shows your condescending comments to our promoter. I can post them if you like, but keep in mind they do have your personal cell on them which I guess is a good thing since it’ll prove that it’s you. If you want to talk, that promoter you were a jerk to has my number, you can get it from him. Otherwise, I’ve said what I need to say. Enjoy the beach, it’s 83 and sunny today in Daytona.
Owner, Vintage Toy Mall

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