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Star Wars – 1983 – Ewok Village


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Vintage All Original Star Wars Ewok Village Playset – Includes original Instructions.

The Ewok Village consists of three large plastic trees that function as pillars for the village’s central meeting square. The wooden structure of the Ewok village is well created with a lot of details. The meeting place has three fences, a drum and a fire with a spit to roast an Ewok dinner. The playset also comes with C-3PO’s “golden deity” chair that can be carried by two Ewoks. And there is way more. Two more play options can be found at the floor of this playset. The first one is a swinging plastic boulder, attached to the largest tree, used to repel invaders. The last feature is a net underneath the central square. You can pull this net to the ceiling of the village square and it is actually able to trap several figures, just like in the movie when Chewie was thinking too much with his stomach.

The Ewok Village Playset was later reused as “Sherwood Forest Playset” in the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves toyline from Kenner, but that one got a different color and it has a lot of greens on top of the trees. Even LEGO’s recent Ewok Village playset seems to be an homage to Kenner’s playset.

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