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Doctor Who (RAFM) Miniatures 1986 BBC Temporal Marauders


These metal Doctor Who figures were designed in 1986 by Citadel Miniatures. In the UK, they were produced by Citadel as a licensed product from FASA. The UK release had slotta-tabs and hexagonal bases. The Citadel & FASA brands had equal billing on the packaging. The same figures, but with solid bases, were produced in North America by FASA who were credited on their own without Citadel. The internal packaging for North America had “manufactured by RAFM”.

For the Davros and Dalek models there was no difference between the two releases: they had solid bases. The Citadel range contained 4 extra models not found in the North American release, and the RAFM range contained 3 extra Temporal Marauders not found in the UK release.


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