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    VCR from Audiovox to your front car seats, and let the backseat passengers snuggle in for hours of their favorite movies or video games. Features a flip-up 4″ LCD screen; on-screen display for tint, color, brightness and volume; front A/V input jacks; AC/DC power adapter; 12V cigarette lighter adapter. Dual speakers provide great sound, while 2 headphone jacks provide the option to keep sound contained. Also works great at home, at the office or at the cabin. 14Hx17Wx8D”.

    • Flip-up 4″ LCD TFT screen
    • A/V input jacks, front mounted
    • Dual speakers mounted on each side of unit
    • Mono VCP
    • Volume up/down
    • Brightness control
    • Play/fast forward/rewind/pause/stop
    • AC/DC power adapter for in-home use
    • 12V cigarette lighter adapter for in car use
    • Back-lit buttons

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