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We host a Live Auction in our store the 1st Saturday of every month at 4pm.  There are 3 ways to bid!

  1.  In Person (come on by!)
  2.  Online:  Register to bid here.
  3.  Facebook Live: Please visit our Vintage Toy Mall Trading Post page during the auction event, and comment on the live stream to bid on the item we’re featuring.

All of our auction items are posted online days before the event for early bidding and to preview the items ending at the live auction.   The website will be the final record of the auctions and results.  If someone on the Facebook live stream bids via comment, the website will reflect “FacebookBidder” as the high bid so it’s all kept track in the same place.  Also, if someone in the store bids the website will reflect “InPersonBidder”.

Facebook lag:  To combat Facebook lag and people missing last minute bids, we have the system set up to automatically extend the auction times by 2 minutes if any bids happen within 2 minutes of the auction close.  That will let everyone get their bids in even if the live stream is delayed by the normal 30 to 60 seconds that we’ve experienced in the past.

Shipping charges:  Shipping charges are not included in the bid price.  At the conclusion of all auction items for that days event, bidders with multiple items will have their items packaged together and weighed to calculate exact shipping.

Payment Methods:  Payment will be handled through our website (PayPal, Credit Card) for online users and Cash or Credit Card is an option for in-person bidders.

Bids are Binding:  Please keep it fair to the other bidders by honoring your bids, as they are all binding.

Auction Winners:  Please wait for us to email you (or Facebook Message you, if that’s how you bid) a link to the payment page.  This may take a day or two to get processed after the auction is over.


Upcoming Auction Schedule

February 3rd, 2018.  4pm
March 3rd, 2018.  4pm
April 7th, 2018. 4pm

More to be announced soon!

Click Here to View All Active Listings